The History of Kodi Klip

Hand tying wire has been the accepted method for connecting rebar for more than a century in the construction industry. This method is time consuming, creates construction project bottlenecks, increases injuries to workers, results in unstable and inconsistent rebar connections and is also a failure point to concrete due to the rust created by the wire.

The founder’s goal was to create a klip that would eliminate the need for workers to reach under the rebar, where cuts and scrapes occur. Additionally, to eliminate twisting of the wrist and bending of the back and knees. In addition, to create a klip that would be anti-corrosive in order to provide strength and longevity to the nation’s infrastructure. Other automated products on the market did not address any of these issues, so he created the Kodi Klip Rebar Connection System.

In March 2015, LoJac Holdings Corporation, Inc. became the managing business partner of Kodi Klip, LLC. LoJac has been in the road and building construction industry since 1983 and immediately saw the potential of the Kodi Klip Fastening System.

LoJac’s goal was to take the prototype klip and application tool and make it a product that delivered. “We have been the end user of construction products since 1983, so we understand quality”. LoJac spent two years in research and development to produce a klip and a tool that would last in the field and would perform consistently in application.

Today, Kodi Klip, LLC provides those quality products.