Why Tie When you can klip?

The KODI KLIP® System for connecting rebar grips tighter and faster than rebar tie wire, dramatically reducing wracking by creating more stable rebar connections. The patented 4-point grip gives you more consistent rebar connections, making the KODI KLIP® System perfect for site-pour, precast, and tilt-up concrete applications. The rebar connection quality is so good that mats can be walked on or driven over, and cages can be lifted and moved without needing to be re-tied. Rebar connecting with tie wire or welds is extremely labor intensive, very slow, and causes worker injuries. Our patented System will change the way you do business


Why Tie  When you can klip?

Improved Worker Safety

Protect your rod workers — equip them with a rebar connecting system that is the safest and fastest in the Industry. Prevent wrist fatigue and cuts from wire tying, eliminate burns and flash injuries from welding rebar, and reduce back injuries from bending. Watch accident rates drop, morale improve, and productivity soar!

Worker clipping rebar with Kodi Klip
Faster & Tighter Connections

Faster & Tighter Connections

Saves Time

Move from job to job quicker by making rebar connections faster with the KODI KLIP® Rebar Fastening System. The lightweight, high-powered, air operated KLIPPING GUN attaches K-KLIPS in milliseconds, enabling you to be more competitive when bidding and to complete jobs on budget.

Makes Stronger Connections

The KODI KLIP® System rigidly grips rebar saddle joints, dramatically reducing wracking and eliminating unwanted motion. Its patented four-point grip gives you more consistent and stable rebar connections. KODI KLIP® Rebar Fastening System is the perfect replacement for hand tying rebar on site-pour, precast, pre-stressed, and tilt-up concrete applications.