The Kodi Klip: The Klip that Grips!

Standard Kodi Klip features:

  • Unique patented design. Kodi Klips are made from polycarbonate resin, the same material used in bulletproof vests .
  • Non-corrosive. Klips will not rust, nor will they scratch or damage coated rebar and fiberglass reinforcing rods.
  • Versatile. Works for cross, parallel and vertical connections, and form spacers. Great for mats and cages.
  • Four-point grip provides uniform strength at every connection which eliminates unwanted motion and results in stronger grids. Get a perfect saddle tie every time.
  • Effortless application. Klips snap into position and grip the rebar.
  • Easy to see. Klips are color-coded for each size. Bright colors simplify handling and inspection.


Standard Series for connecting same size rebar


Item #323 Box/2916 Item #424 Box/1568 Item #525 Box/1008 Item #626 Box/600
Kodi Klip for #3 rebar to #3 rebar Kodi Klip for #4 rebar to #4 rebar Kodi Klip for #5 rebar to #5 rebar Kodi Klip for #6 rebar to #6 rebar





4 over 4 324    
5 over 5 325 425  
6 over 6 326 426 526


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